Life is Better in Shorts

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  • Quality and design are top-notch

    “ Love Kiwi Beach Wear! Stylish and comfortable swimsuits, perfect for the beach!". - Mike Sen

  • Vibrant and eye-catching 

    “Kiwi Beach Wear's beach products are vibrant, soft, and always a hi.” – John S.

  • Style and comfort

    “I appreciate the attention to detail in their designs, allowing me to explore nature in style and comfort!” – Anne L.

Short Swimsuit

Discover the sea's freshness and ultimate comfort with our Short Swimwear. Stay cool and relaxed while enjoying the water and sea breeze. Elevate your style and fully embrace the summer!

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Beach Sunglass

Unleash sun-soaked thrills with Kiwi Beach Wear's sunglasses! Experience coastal charm as you stroll along the shore, basking in UV protection and style. Elevate every adventure with our beachy fashion. Discover the magic today!


Coastal Beach Shirt

Experience a tropical paradise with our Hawaiian Shirts. Vibrant prints and premium fabrics embrace the laid-back beach spirit. Dive into summer and make a fashion statement at the beach!

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Coastal Chic Caps

Your passport to style, comfort, and coastal vibes. Elevate your beach look with our quality-crafted caps that effortlessly complement your attire. From lounging to beachside adventures, capture the essence of the shore with Kiwi.

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Swim Thong

Embrace your adventurous side with our Men's Swim Thong. Bold and confident, this swimwear is designed for the fearless. Showcase your beach-ready physique and elevate your beach game with ultimate comfort and style.

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  • Your companion in all adventures!

    We are a young and energetic brand, driven by a passion for exploring and fully enjoying the outdoor life.

    Live the adventure with us 
  • We draw inspiration from nature and spontaneity!

    We create collections that make you feel comfortable, accessible, and ready to embrace every moment. Whether at the beach, in the mountains, or wherever adventure takes you, our garments are designed to be the perfect companion every step of the way.

    Embrace the moment 
  • Sharing with you the experience of your most fun-filled travels!

    Live each day with passion and style! We aim to be part of your best memories, accompanying you on your most exciting journeys.

    Being part of your best memories 
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